Item damaged during delivery.


“Wow the product is cool, this is exactly what I need! But.. the seller is far away, is it going to be safe?” We’ve heard some typical questions. There are certain concerns about online shopping, concern about fraud, undelivered products, and damaged products especially when you buy a big product. In this article, we will inform you things about expeditions or product delivery.

Some of the most common problems are delay in delivery and damaged products. It is not surprising that sometimes we deliver a product in excellent condition, but customers receive it in damaged condition. Before pack the product, of course we do some re-checking or quality control, and we always put extra attention to the product’s safety. We don’t only use bubble wrap and corrugated sheet single wall, we also use wood/pallet packaging for certain products that are fragile.

Though we already do the packing safely, bad things sometimes are inevitable. Most seller are not willing to take responsibility when damage happened, because they think that it’s not their responsibily anymore once the package is sent to the courier, so customers have to complain directly to the courier. On the other side, customers often feel confused or complicated to do that. But here in tanganketiga, we always try to make our customers happy, we always try to respond and take action quickly when some things happened in delivery. We help to track the receipt, follow up to the courier when delay happened. If the product received in slightly bad condition, we will send the materials to cover it up. But if the product is severely damaged, we could change with the new one. 

So, there’s no need to worry to shop with us, because our satisfaction is when the customers are happy with our products in their place. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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