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How to install and take care of calligraphy wall decor.


DSCF0800Calligraphy wall decor is the best seller item in tanganketiga. This wooden calligraphy is unique and eye-catching so it is very recommended to add up the aesthetics in your room. And of course, to keep it always on point you have to take care of it. Here is how to install and take care of it, check it out!

How to install:
There are 3 equipments to install the calligraphy: a piece of wood, screw, and ‘fischer’, those will be included in the package.
First, you need to screw the piece of wood to the wall.
Then, hang the calligraphy into the wood.
That’s it! Easy, right?

How to take care:
– daily: you can use a feather duster to blow the dust on the calligraphy, especially on the letters
– monthly: you can use a half-wet napkin to wipe the calligraphy, amd then wipe with dry napkin immediately.

If you take care of your calligraphy, it will be always eye-catching!


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