‘Real pict’ or real picture becomes important in online trading, because through that a seller will be acknowledged as the owner of the products that he/she sells. Those who are able to show the ‘real pict’ means that they are fully responsible of their actual products. This condition is important to gain customer’s trust.

In tanganketiga, most of the sales are happened online. Our ‘stores’ are on website and social media such as instagram. Just like mentioned above, photos are crucial element in online trading. To fulfill that need, we have our own photography team amd studio. And of course they are provided with sophisticated camera, lighting, and other tools to create high quality photos of our products to be displayed to our custumers.

Almost all of the pictures displayed in our onlline shops are our own pictures taken at our studio and workshop. There are also pictures that we got from our customers from all over Indonesia and even another country, of course with their consent first.

With this article, we hope there will be no more customers that ask us ‘more-real’ picture, because what we display are already real picture.

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