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The difference between solid wood and plywood

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What’s the difference between solid wood and plywood? kayu solid


Solid wood, just like the name itself, is a real solid wood that made directly from wooden tree cutting. This furniture material is stronger and tougher compared to processed wood. Due to that reason, the price of furnitures made from solid wood is usually higher than the ones made from processed wood. One type of solid wood that is often used for furniture making is teak wood. This type is being liked because of the beautiful wood pattern that is perfect to be shown off in the furniture. With proper care, this type of wood can be lasting so long. 



The next is plywood or known as multiplex. Plywood is processed wood that is made from pressing and sticking some sheets of wood with high pressure. Plywood comes with several choices of thickness, and that thickness determines the strength of plywood. Plywood is usually used for kitchen set, cupboard, book shelf, and other things. The price is cheaper than solid wood.

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