Ready Stock VS Custom Order

In online trading, we often see the term “ready stock” or “pre-order” (PO). At tanganketiga, we also have those terms, but there’s another more specific term which is also an excellence of tanganketiga, that is “custom order”. The topic we’re about to talk now is “ready stock” and “custom order”. Lets see the explanation of what are they and their features.

  1. “Ready stock” is a trading system where the product is already in stock, so customers don’t have to wait for the product to be made first. The order that has been paid will be delivered immediately. Estimated time arrived depends on the chosen expedition by customer. The benefit of ready stock product is that customers don’t have to wait, and also they can see the product before buying if they want to. So, for you who need the product fast, ready stock is a solution!
  2. “Custom order” is a trading system where the product isn’t available yet. The product is made by order. Estimated processing time is about 2-3 weeks. Payment for this system is 50% down payment, and the rest when the product is ready. After full payment is done, the product will be delivered to customer. The benefit of custom order is the product is customizable to customer’s needs (size and function) and wishes (concept and materials). Not only satisfy your needs and wishes, custom order also gives certain satisfaction because the product is made to synchronize with the taste of the owner and of course it is exclusive. Cause we are your unique decor partner.

Those are a bit of explanation about ready stock and custom order that we’ve been doing at tanganketiga. Hope it can give you more knowledge about our products and trading system.

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